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Child Support Ontario

There are many issues that must be addressed in a separation agreement. The most important issues involve children including , which parent(s) they will live with and on what schedule, who will make decisions on their behalf (custody and access), and child support.

When thinking of child support, it is important to consider current expenses and needs for the children as well as future ones like higher education, braces and dental expenses, sports and other activities.

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There are ways to settle issues outside of court, making it easier on the family. Alternatives can include mediation, collaborative family law, traditional negotiation and arbitration.

Call the team at Daly Law at (905) 844-5883 to find out your alternatives. With 20 years experience, they can guide you as to your rights and responsibilities under Ontario law and how to best protect your children's interests.

Child Support

Ontario Child Support 

child support Ontario CanadaOntario Child Support Payments are calculated using child support tables once income is determined. The amount of child support is based on the number of children as well as the income of the support paying spouse. 

Additional costs, like daycare, education costs, health care and sports or other extracurricular activities, can affect the payment amounts.  

Past income tax returns are usually the primary tool for establishing income, as well as the most recent notice of assessment and recent paystubs.   If one spouse is self employed, a business financial statement along with a statement showing all wages and other compensation, will be necessary to help determine proof of income.

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Child Support - Spousal Support

For high income earners or persons involved in a business, the determination of income can be a complicated matter. 

It is necessary to consider several factors when determining income for spousal support or child support.  These may include, but are not limited to, past tax returns; business income and expenses; retained earnings; investment income; income from a trust; etc. 

In future years, an ongoing annual disclosure of income may be necessary to ensure that children are being adequately supported by both parents, according to the law.  The team at Daly Law can assist you to seek a change in the support amount, whether you are the parent paying or the parent receiving child support.  Sometimes a retroactive claim for child support may be appropriate..


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