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Divorce Negotiation

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Divorce -Alternative Dispute Models in Ontario

If you are contemplating a divorce, you will need the assistance of a divorce lawyer who can help you reach a reasonable and legally acceptable separation agreement with your spouse. 

An experienced divorce lawyer can help you formulate your objectives and actively participate in your future going forward. It is important to identify what you have, what you want and what realistic objectives you can achieve.

As a starting point, find an experienced family law lawyer with whom you can communicate and work.   Your lawyer will help you identify your goals, prepare your financial disclosure documentation and discuss your options before you begin negotiating with your spouse and their lawyer.  The goal of divorce negotiation is to obtain a mutually acceptable separation agreement that is child focused and will stand the test of time

Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration

Divorces don`t have to be adversarial. There are better options than going to court.  You can negotiate a separation agreement with your spouse. An experienced divorce lawyer can help you understand family law in Ontario, so that you can make informed decisions during your negotiations.

If you have children, it is important to keep their best interest in mind and realize that you may have a lifetime relationship with your spouse in fulfilling your children's emotional and financial needs.

There are many ways to negotiate a separation agreement with your spouse. Diane Daly can help you identify the best option for you.

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IACP collaborative family law practiceDiane Daly is a proud member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, the Ontario Collaborative Law Federation, and the Peel, Halton and Hamilton Collaborative Practice Groups.

She practices collaborative family law with the goal of resolving disputes with integrity, dignity and respect.

Family Mediation - Divorce Negotiation OakvilleDiane Daly is a proud member of Family Mediation Canada, and the Ontario Association for Family Mediation. She has been helping separating couples mediate their family law disputes since 1995.

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