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Diane Daly and her team can protect your rights and help you avoid future disputes by drafting contracts, including paternity agreements, separation agreements, cohabitation agreements and marriage contracts.

A paternity agreement will deal with parenting issues between you and your child’s other parent, including custody, access, and child support.

The team at the Daly Law office in Oakville will help you negotiate and create a paternity agreement that will be respected by the courts and stand the test of time.


Paternity Agreements

Paternity Agreement Ontario

Paternity agreements Toronto Oakville Mississauga Hamilton Ontario CanadaYou usually need a paternity agreement in circumstances where you have had a child or children and you are not married to the other parent, and you are ending your relationship with the other parent. If you cohabited with the other parent and then separated, you would need a separation agreement instead of a paternity agreement.

An experienced family law lawyer can provide you with sound legal advice on your rights and responsibilities and how best to document them in an agreement.

The purpose of a paternity agreement is to set out responsibility of both parents for making decisions for your children, where they will live and with whom (custody and access), and deal with child support issues. The best paternity agreements are one’s that take the child’s best interests into consideration.

Child support issues that should be considered in your paternity agreement include basic monthly child support, child care costs, private school, post secondary education and extra-curricular activities, including sports. 

Parents of a child may enter into a paternity agreement to document their child support agreement as well as responsibility for and access to the child or children. A paternity agreement is a legal safeguard for the parents and the child.

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